July 16, 2019 (Menomonee Falls, WI) — Exciting new space will serve morning coffee through all-day dining and late-night bar

A new all-day bistro and bar is scheduled to open in Menomonee Falls this summer and, at its very essence, is designed to embrace and pay homage to the community’s interesting and little-known history. Waterlin Coffee Bar and Bistro will open in the former Radisson Hotel, now undergoing a major $3.5 million conversion to a Delta Hotel by Marriott.

The new restaurant is named after Francis Waterlin, who along with John Martin, started the ice harvesting industry on the Menomonee River in 1897. At the time, without refrigeration, the only way to enjoy ice and keep things cold was to harvest ice from rivers, lakes and ponds. This nod to yesteryear and the industrial era comes to life in the space, branding and even menu at Waterlin.

The 6,100 square-foot space features a grey and white color palette with exposed industrial beams, heavy wood tables and custom artwork depicting scenes and instruments used in ice harvesting. More than $300,000 has been invested in the transformation which includes a full service coffee bar, large dining areas, center bar and grab-and-go marketplace.

Branding of Waterlin is inspired by its namesake, with an ice-blue color palette, illustrated logo featuring ice harvesting tools and a simple supporting grid pattern that alludes to the first step of the ice harvesting process, where horses would pull tools to create a grid pattern on ice to guide the harvesters’ cuts.

The menu will also reflect the ice harvesting theme, from serving platters and utensils to creative Midwestern fare and Instagrammable desserts. Even the bartenders will get into the spirit, asking guests “how do you take your ice?” and offering hand-chopped, small block, shaved or crushed for drinks.

As a coffee bar, Waterlin will add to Menomonee Falls’ morning scene, featuring Stone Creek Coffee, an array of morning pastries and grab-and-go breakfast options for both hotel guests, business folks on the way to work and busy moms in the Falls. Waterlin will serve a full menu from lunch until dinner daily, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. with a series of weekly specials including the must-have Friday Fish Fry and a wine night focusing on pairings. By happy hour, the bar will come to life with small bites and drink specials to locals and travelers alike. The cocktail menu will play up Wisconsin’s favorite drinks with multiple versions of the Old Fashioned to choose from and Bloody Mary options on the weekend. The bar will stay open late night on weekends to take care of both hotel guests and locals looking for a nightcap.

“The Falls is a tight-knit community that comes together around civic events, school sports and business networking,” said Chadd Scott, hotel general manager. “We believe Menomonee Falls needed another great place to gather around food, drink and company.”

Both Waterlin and Delta Hotel in Menomonee Falls is managed by Hostmark Hospitality Group, a Schaumburg, Illinois-based operator with many successful restaurant concepts. “We are so excited to bring this new hotel and restaurant to The Falls,” said Hostmark CEO Jerome Cataldo. “This community deserves another great hot spot for locals and a hotel that is designed to welcome visitors and share the local history.”

Tours of the space will be available at the end of July, along with photography of the interiors and menu.